AnnaJo Vahle


Merritt Island, Florida


Although born in upstate New York, I grew up mostly in Nevada and California. The fabulous panoramic views of the far west inspired me to begin painting and photographing itís beauty. Iíve lived in various areas in the states and in Europe but always had the desire to express through painting and photography. While living in the Mediterranean, I was especially influenced by the great Renaissance art and the chiaroscuro work of Caravaggio.
I began with oils, worked with a wide variety of mediums but now mostly work in acrylic, oils, and photography. I studied mostly engineering in college but ended up with a degree in Technical Illustration, one in Psychology after several moves and colleges, one in Art Education. My experience as a drafter and illustrator for the space program is often evident in my love for precision and details.
Like so many artists, I primarily depict the world and the people I know and love best. Currently, that means Florida, a most lovely place!

If you ignore beauty,
you will soon find
yourself without it...

But if you invest in beauty,
it will remain with you
all the days of your life.

by Frank Lloyd Wright


Me and Wet


Me and Baron's Estate


Me with Gator Pod painting


Me with Wailing Bird and Little Green Heron


Me and Quiet.


Black Spider Monkey and Baby


Painting Croton Pond


Croton Pond




Port Canaveral Beach


Glossy Ibis


Enchanted Forest Opening


Great White Fight


Golden Hills


Blue Morpho Butterfly


The Dance of Life


Doorway into the Past


Please Poke Eyes


Lonesome Dove


Tailed jay Butterfly


Rusty-tipped Page Butterfly


White Morpho Butterfly


Pain in the Neck


Fluted clump


Gulf Fritillary Butterfly